Do you have a vision for your content, but struggle with the time and specialized skills required to make it a reality? We've been there.

After years of working in the film industry and the Youtube space, we've learned what it takes to make content that stands out. Whether you already have 1000s of subscribers or are just starting out with an idea, we can help.




Color Grading

Visual Effects

Throughout the whole process they communicated clearly and efficiently, and ultimately delivered us a better product than we hoped for. If you’re looking for people who are easy to work with and create a beautiful product, these guys are the way to go!
— The Joshua Project
Ember’s team was a joy to work with. They immediately became students of our brand and message, which was crucial for us. After that, the workflow was fast-paced, yet incredibly thorough.
— Claris Health
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  • Our team of experienced editors will cut a video together from your footage, tailored to your style.
  • Quick turnaround, professional editing software and plugins
  • $40-$200/minute


  • Custom title sequences, interstitials, text and object animation, motion tracking, and motion graphics
  • Team of experienced animators and motion and graphic designers
  • $40-$300/animation

  • Professional color correction and grading, customized to your project.
  • Color grading suite with calibrated 4K monitor, neutral lighting, and Hollywood standard software with a variety of LUTs and custom profiles.
  • $30-$100/minute


  • Professional 2D and 3D compositing, camera tracking, keyframing, object removal, and particle simulation
  • VFX artists with experience in both layer and node-based systems
  • $50-$400/shot

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