Our Approach

Stories are how we grow. They are how we discover our world. They connect us to each other, push us to consider new perspectives, and they spark new ideas. 

We strive to connect with your audience through creative storytelling, making them more than just observers, so that they are impacted, engaged, and inspired by the stories you have to tell.


Why choose Ember? 

We believe you have a great idea and great ideas excite us, whether it's a small spark, a glowing ember, or a roaring fire. We believe great ideas can accomplish the impossible and change the world.


We believe great ideas can accomplish the impossible and change the world.


In fact, we believe they are the only thing that can. 

We want to see your dream become the unstoppable fire that it can be. We want to see your ideas change your community and change the world.

Our team offers full production services from concept through final project delivery in resolutions up to 4k. We have experienced team members specializing in color grading and finishing, sound design and mixing, motion graphics, and much more.


Larkin Briley
Partner, Operations

Larkin is a Pastor at Ethos Church in Nashville, TN. He graduated from Belmont University with a degree in Religion and the Arts and has lived and worked in Nashville ever since. Larkin has worked in freelance videography and motion design for four years and greatly enjoys bring people’s stories to life. Recently married to his beautiful wife, Virginia, Larkin is a die-hard Nashville Predators fan, a coffee and ultimate frisbee enthusiast, and enjoys any and all things competitive. 
"Do something today that you'll be proud of tomorrow." 

Matt van den Meiracker
Partner, Creative

Matt works full-time in film production and digital marketing in Nashville, TN. His passion for film began in college, working alongside his friend and mentor, Brad Montague, creator of the Kid President web series. When he isn't working on film projects, Matt loves Star Wars, great coffee, and watching Sebastian Vettel almost take home the Formula 1 Driver's Championship title every year.  
"Never tell me the odds."