Ember Productions is a Nashville-based video production company creating dynamic content for all kinds of companies and individuals. 

We're inspired by big ideas and small ideas, the embers of a movement.

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Rooted approached us about helping them create a video that would share the heart of their store, not just the physical space. They were just getting started, setting out to fill a need they saw in the city of Nashville for a high-end streetwear and sneaker shop.

We worked with them to develop a video that would get to the heart of the question “What is Rooted?” and expound on the meaning of their mantra, “Stay Rooted." We did production on location all around Nashville over the course of three days. The music featured in the video is by Chancellor Warhol, a local artist featured in the video. 


For several years, Ethos Church has been introducing their Easter season with a video. In years past, we’ve approached it simply, explaining what would be happening and what it would look like for people to join. This year, we decided to get at the heart of things in order to share more than just the what, but also the why, of the Easter season.

We wrote a script and filmed with members of the church in neighborhoods where Ethos would be doing work during Serve Our City Sunday, a part of their Resurrection Life season. We chose the repeated motif of a bird flying through an open sky as a symbol of the freedom found in the resurrection of Christ and in living the Resurrection Life. 


Switchboard Missions equips leaders from all over the world to bring the Gospel to their communities and lead the local church. Over the years, they’ve gathered footage from their partners all over the world and they were looking for someone to build it into something that would explain their mission and methodology in a fresh way.

We decided to blend motion graphics into the live action footage to help make a variety of content into something that felt unified and cohesive. This helped illustrate the simple and consistent strategy that Switchboard employs within these various partnerships: make disciples, commit them to the Lord, and empower them to live a life of making more disciples. 


Each year, Compassion International puts on The Rock & Road Roadshow tour to gather and find new sponsors for the children they work to support. This year, we were invited to be a part of capturing and sharing the story of the tour.

We got to the event early and shot the space and backstage areas, then filmed the guests as they began to arrive. We tried to get a variety of shots throughout the night to show just how much goes on at The Rock & Worship Roadshow. When the tour was over, Compassion provided us with the numbers that showed what an incredible impact the tour had made. We animated the info in the style of the tour artwork and integrated it into the recap.